Your First Semester

Congrats, and welcome Fall 2019 FPF students!

So, you've accepted your admission to Berkeley and you've chosen FPF as your first-year pathway. Awesome! Now what? Here is a bird's-eye view of what you can expect between May and August. 

. Once you have registered for FPF, you will receive an invitation from bCourses to start your online orientation. This is where you can learn about requirements and what classes you should take in the fall. At the end of Golden Bear Advising, you will complete a College Assignment, after which you will be able to make your first 1-on-1 advising appointment.

 to find what's available. Be sure to search "FPF" to find courses within the FPF curriculum. All FPF course subjects start with "X," for example: XMATH or XART. You can also filter for FPF classes in Schedule Builder on .

FPF is designed to create a learning community where students have greater opportunities for shared academic experiences during the fall semester. As such, FPF students will take their core academic courses from the list above. However, students are welcome to enroll in enrichment elective opportunities outside of FPF, including Theme Housing, ROTC, DeCals, Symphony Orchestra, Physical Education, and Berkeley Connect. Others will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students should contact their FPF advisor for any other enrichment opportunities which fall outside of the FPF curriculum.

Step 3: Get advice

皇冠官网体育In late-May, you will be assigned an FPF Advisor and they will be reaching out to you by email to introduce themselves. They will be your point person for all questions related to FPF, campus, being a successful undergrad and much more! Your first schedule advising appointment will follow after you have submitted your College Assignment through Golden Bear Advising in bCourses. 

Curious who might become your FPF Advisor? Check out our staff page.

. We do enrollment in two "phases." Phase I starts July 24 (up to 13.5 units) and Phase II starts August 6 (up to 17.5 units). Check your on the My Academics皇冠官网体育 page for your unique enrollment time. This is the same two-phase process that you will have for enrolling in spring semester courses.

Some courses use readers in addition to or instead of textbooks. At the beginning of the semester, your instructor will let you know where to buy the reader. Some instructors do not submit a list of course materials until closer to the start of the fall semester. If no books are listed online, check back again later.

皇冠官网体育! This is the time when you will meet your fellow classmates, attend fun events and outings together, and learn all about what it means to be a true Bear. 

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