FPF Staff

The FPF staff smiles warmly front of a brick wall on a sunny Berkeley day

皇冠官网体育Being new to campus can be challenging, but we’re here to help our students feel at home. FPF Advisors mentor and coach students through their immersion to Berkeley.

Tara Young, M.A.

Director, Fall Program for Freshmen

皇冠官网体育B.A. Sociology, New York University

M.A. Higher Education, University of Michigan

Undocu-Ally and Trained in Gender Inclusion

皇冠官网体育Tara manages instructors, staff and policy.  As a first-gen college graduate and former L&S College Adviser, Tara is passionate about teaching students to ask the right questions and find resources. She is always mindful of the challenge that transitions can be, and her goal is to assist students with their own involvement in UCB by offering them options and showing them how to successfully engage in their studies. Two fun facts about Tara are that she loves Star Trek TOS and is a trained genealogist!

E-mail Tara

Office Phone: (510) 643-0379

Brandon Castillo Basa

Academic Advisor

皇冠官网体育B.A. Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Brandon was born in Hayward, raised in Sacramento, and has lived in the Bay Area since attending college. As a first-generation college graduate, he has lived through the student experience as an FPF and EOP alumnus at UC Berkeley and is passionate about helping others find their own success. When Brandon is not drinking boba or eating something delicious, he is most likely playing guitar and singing or watching a Sacramento Kings basketball game.

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皇冠官网体育Office Phone: (510) 643-0375

Gina Garcia

Academic Advisor

皇冠官网体育B.A. Psychology, Sonoma State University

皇冠官网体育M.Ed. Higher Education, Oregon State University

皇冠官网体育Gina is from Sonoma County and moved to the Bay Area to begin working with students in FPF. As a first-generation graduate, she is passionate about helping students navigate their college experience and to have a positive impact on their journey. In her free time, she enjoys fitness, hiking, swimming, traveling, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

E-mail Gina

Office Phone: (510) 642-5996

Emma Strong

Academic Advisor

B.A. Anthropology, Dance, and Education minor, University of Washington

Emma is a former L&S Intake Adviser and grew up on a small island near Seattle, and now lives in Oakland near Lake Merritt. Her Northwest roots contribute to her love of hiking, good coffee, and spending time near the water. Emma is always looking for new outdoor spots to explore, and new plants to add to her garden. Her favorite plant is her lemon tree, because lemons don't grow outdoors in Washington state!

E-mail Emma

Office Phone: (510) 643-0388

Francesca Rivera

Program and Curriculum Coordinator

皇冠官网体育B.A. Music, Sarah Lawrence College

M.A. Ethnomusicology, University of California, Berkeley

Francesca provides support to the FPF faculty and advisors so that they have the resources they need to support FPF students. Before joining FPF, she has worked a variety of jobs including: chorus manager, concert producer, equity and diversity analyst, candy vendor, and ethnomusicologist. When she's not in the office, she's either refilling her coffee mug, playing music, streaming shows, or working towards a new powerlifting personal record.

E-mail Francesca

Office Phone: (510) 642-5001

Ramu Nagappan, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean, Division of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and Center for Instructional Excellence

Ramu has been with the Fall Program for Freshmen many years and has seen it evolve during that time. He enjoys the outdoors, gardening, good books, and time with family. As part of his role, Ramu oversees instructor hiring and curriculum planning for FPF. 

E-mail Ramu

皇冠官网体育Office Phone: (510) 643-1283

Office Location and Hours

皇冠官网体育FPF is at 1995 University Avenue, Suite 200 (Golden Bear Center), Berkeley, CA 94704-7040

Fall Semester Advising Hours:皇冠官网体育 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9:00 AM-4:00 PM; Wed 11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Our office hosts visitors by appointment only in the Spring and Summer months. For appointments, please allow one business day's notice and call (510) 643-0379 or email srlph.com.


皇冠官网体育The Fall Program for Freshmen (FPF) was established in 1983 at the request of Chancellor Michael Heyman as a way to better accommodate students admitted to Berkeley for the spring semester and to serve more California residents in the freshman class. Since then, FPF has evolved from a program for "spring admits" to a thriving learning community that gives Berkeley freshmen an edge in their first year by starting small.  Presently UC Berkeley no longer offers spring admission for freshmen. After 2017, FPF served only in the city of Berkeley and no longer in San Francisco.  In Fall 2020, FPF's home is 1995 University Avenue.  

FPF is sponsored by UC Berkeley Extension in conjunction with the College of Letters and Science and is open to all incoming freshmen admitted to the College of Letters & Science at Berkeley, including out-of-state and international students. All Berkeley freshmen admitted to the College of Letters & Science for the fall semester are eligible to choose FPF as a unique academic opportunity for their first term.

FPF students are full-time matriculated​ UC Berkeley students, who enjoy all of the same benefits as their classmates on the main campus, with the added privilege of starting their academic career in a small community within the larger university.

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